IVAC – ATC Addons

Alias File

Type as fast as you speak using a copy of the latest alias file.
Used correctly, this file will enable you to control using text, accurately and quickly for when you have bad communication or when you have a foreign Pilot.
[After downloading this file, unzip to your IVAC\Data folder.)
To read more in the IVAC Manual, Click here.
download alias file


Teamspeak 2 – Windows

TeamSpeak is the voice program, used on IVAN, for ATC and pilot to communicate.
Homepage: http://www.teamspeak.com/


Disable Windows Key for TeamSpeak PTT

Download this registry tool to disable the Left, Right or Both Windows keys.
This software is optional and only required if you want to use the Windows keyboard key(s) as a PTT with TeamSpeak.
download registry file


ATNS Colour Scheme

Download the real life colour scheme that ATNS South Africa uses on their radar screen.
Updated 23 June 2011.
Colour changes to suit IVAC better.
SIDs now in RED as per All-In-One
STARs & RVAs left in BLUE.
download atns colour scheme



Uploaded 9 February 2014.

Updates DOLOMYNUM to reflect the following changes:

  • FAJS renamed to FAOR, and all associated ATC positions.
  • FAOR is also now positioned correctly, and does not show as Olifants River Bridge.
  • FACT_CTR renamed to FACA_CTR
  • FAJS_CTR renamed to FAJA_CTR
  • download dolomynum updates