Around Africa IFR Tour


Come and tour around the entire Africa continent!


* Make sure you have all the needed charts for each aerodrome( where possible ).
* All legs must be flown in the order given.
* All legs must be flown in real time.
* No slewing to be used.
* No direct flights.
* Reporting of Winds Aloft is mandatory. Legs not automatically validated due to exceeding MAX TAS will be rejected.

* In the case of varying winds report the maximum tail wind.

Upon completion of this tour, you will be awarded with the Division IFR Tour badge.

You can find all the charts



In order to improve your experience in FS2004 and FSX, you can download and install the following scenery files.



Leg Departure Arrival Distance
1 FACT – Cape Town Intl FYWH – Hosea Kutako Intl 692NM
2 FYWH – Hosea Kutako Intl FNLU – 4th Of February 853NM
3 FNLU – 4th Of February FOOL – Leon M’ba 604NM
4 FOOL – Leon M’ba DNMM – Murtala Muhammed 517NM
5 DNMM – Murtala Muhammed DIAP – Felix Houphouet-Boigny 440NM
6 DIAP – Felix Houphouet-Boigny GOOY – Leopald Sedar Senghar 982NM
7 GOOY – Leopold Sedar Senghor GMMN – Mohamed V 1240NM
8 GMMN – Mohamed V DAAG – Houari Boumediene 566NM
9 DAAG – Hourari Boumediene HLLT – Tripoli Int 546NM
10 HLLT – Tripoli Intl HECA – Cairo Intl 946NM
11 HECA – Cairo Intl HSSS – Khartoum Intl 874NM
12 HSSS – Khartoum Intl HAAB – Bole Intl 540NM
13 HAAB – Bole Intl HKJK – Jomo Kenyatta 628NM
14 HKJK – Jama Kenyatta HTDA – Dar-Es-Salaam Intl 360NM
15 HTDA – Dar-Es-Salaam Intl FWKI – Kamuzu Intl 523NM
16 FWKI – Kamuzu Intl FQMA – Maputo 731NM
17 FQMA – Maputo FACT – Cape Town Intl 871NM

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