Pilot Skills Tour


Come and test your piloting skills all over South Africa! This tour has VFR / IFR flights consisting of different aircraft categories and approaches / departures. 

You will be required to fly the correct flight rules( IFR or VFR ) and procedures, and ensure that the maximum aircraft categories classifications are not exceeded.

You will also need to make use of the assigned routing as specified.

This is not an easy tour by any means, so we hope you enjoy the challenge!!!

Please note the following:
1. Maximum allowed altitude above ground level (AGL) for VFR flights are 9500ft.
2. Maximum speed for VFR flights is 240knots.
3. Maximum altitude for IFR flights is FL410.
4. Maximum speed for IFR flights is 410 knots IAS

Legs will NOT be validated if the above limits are exceeded

Upon completion of this tour, you will be awarded with the Division Pilot Skills Tour badge.

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In order to improve your experience in FS2004 and FSX, you can download and install the following scenery files.



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